Quick guide to Power of attorney

Power of attorney is a legal document between agent and principal. In simple words, it is a document that attorney drafts for their clients that allows them the power to act and make decisions on behalf of their clients regarding their property, finances and medical care. A power of attorney or POA Dubai is usually taken under act when the client themselves are ill or not physically present to sign a legal document or transaction which would then be performed by the attorney. There are different types of powers that can be practiced by a power of attorney. It can be a very broad legal authority to very minimum authority to make decision on their client’s behalf, and then the client themselves decides how much authority should be provided.

One thing that we need to note is that it is not always necessary for a proper attorney or lawyer to be appointed as a power of attorney. It can be anyone that client trusts and know that they will carry out their legal matters. But it is always a good idea to appoint someone with better knowledge of law and order so that any kind of confusion or mistake can be avoidable. There are several reasons as to why power of attorney can end and attorney would no longer be responsible for carrying out their legal matters. The main reason of its ending would be client no longer needing an attorney’s help, death of client, invalid terms or court eliminating it or simply the agent is no longer able to carry out their power of attorney due to different reasons and circumstances.

There are several reasons as to why one would like to consider power of attorney. When people are mostly planning for long term care, they consider appointing an agent who could look after things behind them and keep the order maintained the way they want to. There are all sorts of POA authorization which means that different types of power can be granted to an agent and there are different types of agents for different types of POA, such as a general POA will be able to make decisions on all sorts of matter but case won’t be the same when it comes to specified POA.

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