Finding the best cash in transit armored cars for your needs

You are running a business that involves moving big amount of cash from one place to another. That in itself is a huge responsibility and you should look forward to practice a lot of caution in dealing with customers. Also, you must always look to visit the best cash in transit vehicles for sale in the city as it will help your business in a number of ways. It will make your cash shipments safer than what they used to be which is something you must always look forward to. Bullet proof cash in transit cars are available in the market so you have the freedom to look for as many models as you can. Some of you may be heading to the marketplace which is a good thing to do. Doing so will likely help you look for the right vehicles and may just help you buy one. However, before all that, there is a long road to travel which is something you need to look at. First thing to note is to know the type of vehicle you had in mind. The vehicle has to fulfill your needs as you had in mind. here is more on what features to see in the vehicle before purchasing one for your business:


It only makes sense to see the actual thickness and quality of armor mounted on your vehicle. The first thing to look for is the armoring. There are several different levels of armoring available in the market. You will be amazed to see just how different cash vehicles look from one another due to armoring. The slim armor blanket comprises a basic protection of B6 which will provide protection against most threats like cracker as well as a high caliber bullet. Then there is the thicker B7 plus level armor that is designed to withstand heavy bullets and mild explosions like grenades. Your car, staff and cash will remain unharmed against these threats and it will likely increase your confidence level too.

Other features

Always make sure that your armored car features excellent suspension that will help it withstand explosions as well. Though it is a must for every armored vehicle but you should ensure that yours have it too. Then, the environment control system should be there as well so that you don’t end up sitting in the scorching hat without proper cooling in the summers.

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