6 cheap Tech gifts to buy for close friends and important employees

Do not ask your office’s promotional gift companies in Dubai to make gifts for your friend or do not seek help of exhibition stand companies in UAE to get you a gift for your companion. Buy a gift by yourself because no one know him or her better than you. You are his or her companion and best friend. You now about your bestie’s mood swings and likes and dislikes. 

There are many things you can gift him or her but it is the time of technology so for something of today’s world. There are many thing in technology which you can gift your co-worker or friend. 

Some of them are:

  1. Headphones or Earphones: It is the cheapest and the most useful gift to gift your friend or your close employees to make their day special or make them feel special. You can buy cheap but qualitative headphones or earphones from Monday Sale of Amazon or any online store which would have long battery life and which could be charged fast and easily anywhere.
  2. Smart watch: There are some expensive smart watches, but there are few cheap or affordable smart watches. You can gift it to your co-worker on their special day. There are many stores which have reasonable smart watches. So, buy any of them and bring smile on their face.
  3. Bluetooth speakers: Bluetooth speakers are must-giving gift because their loud voice and wireless connection let the user to enjoy songs on loud voice anywhere. You can afford to buy them from anywhere. 
  4. Amazon Echo Dot Smart or Amazon Alexa: Whether he or she knows about it or not, but in first attempt, your friend will be amazed by this gift definitely because it is the gist that can let him or her to play with themselves. Amazon Echo is technological maid and companion of a friend. So, gift your friend another friend or another companion to make them feel less lonely.
  5. Charging pad: Buy a charging pad for your friend if you want to treat him or her with the thing that can keep their lover, phone, alive all day long. You can buy it from anywhere for cheap because they are very affordable. 
  6. Fitness Tracker: If you are concerned about your friend’s health and your friend is health and fitness freak, then buy a fitness tracker for him or her. You can buy it for $79 to$90 from anywhere. And there are some places from which you can buy it cheaper than the mentioned rates too.