Factors to avoid before shortlisting a pro wedding photographer

People often make mistakes when hiring wedding photographers. The irony is that most of these mistakes can be avoided without much difficulty. It is a fact that finding a photography service near you is not as easy when everyone around you pretends to be a photographer. Still, you can differentiate between a quality photographer from an ordinary one if you want to. All they have to do is to make sure that the photography service has been around for a while. Also, you should ask for the portfolio which will help you realize if the photography service is worth hiring or not. Those of you looking to hire photographers in Nairobi should avoid the following before shortlisting a service:

Delaying the hiring process

Delay is perhaps the most common factor that occurs at the time of hiring a photography service. Customers looking to hire a photographer continue to take the process lightly. In doing so, they end up finding that the photographer is already booked in another event. It could’ve been avoided easily had you known that quality photographers have busy calendars. After all, you are not the only customer in town, and there may be hundreds, perhaps thousands waiting in the line to book the service. To avoid the embarrassment of not having a photography service to cover the event, you must start looking for one on time.

Preferring affordability over quality

It would be a grave mistake if you ended up preferring affordability over quality. The wedding is a once in a lifetime event and the last thing you would want is to have it covered by some average photography service. The price you will pay for the mistake will be much higher than the money you had saved by not hiring a quality service. Worse, each time you look at the photos, you would regret the mistake you committed. You would be wise to prefer quality over everything else.

Discussing the event

After hiring a top class photography service, you should start discussing the event right away. Give your opinion and ask the service about what style will suit the event better. This exchange of ideas will help you find one that will suit your event the best. Note that not discussing the event is a mistake that you might regret later. Be forthcoming and let your professional wedding photographer discuss all the ideas. It will help you pick the right one for your event.