Irrefutable pros of using vaping pods

It goes without saying that smoking kills – and the increasing number of deaths across the globe is a testament to this fact. What will you do to quit smoking if you ever felt for it? How will you know that smoking tobacco or narcotics will cause harm to your health? It is easy – you may have seen those warning ads on the television as well as the internet that smoking causes cancer of lungs, mouth, and liver and if you don’t stop smoking, chances are that you might get suffer from either at some stage in life. Would you be willing to take the risk and bring the pain and agitation of such a disease in life, or would you be kind enough on your body to quit it for good even if your mind wants to have more of it?

Probably the worst part about consuming nicotine in minute quantity is that it makes you want more, and addicts the mind to it to the extent that it keeps making you feel like you need it, although there may be no real need for it. Despite the fact that smoking is killing more people across the world than malaria, it is spreading like an epidemic and needs to be contained for good. In comes vaping, with vapes online  and many varieties that you can use without fearing the inevitable. One can say that vaping is the exact antonym of smoking tobacco and here is why:

Zero addiction

Vaping doesn’t make you an addict even if you consume it multiple times a day. There is no nicotine, no caffeine and no harmful ingredients in it that you would find in cigarettes. Vaping will never cause any type of addiction unless you begin to consume some harmful form of substance using it, chances of which are nearly zero.

No health hazards

Since vaping doesn’t cause any type of addiction nor the flavors you consume with it, contain any form of harmful substances, you can vape all day long without worrying about getting infected.


Vaping is literally more affordable than smoking tobacco particularly when you compare it with all the money that you will end up spending on the treatment of diseases that may be caused due to tobacco smoking, vaping will prove to be much more affordable. Look at here to learn more about the benefits of vaping over smoking tobacco and why should you prefer it over the latter.