Quick Guide to urban planning

As suggested by its name, urban planning is the designing and organization of the place with activities based on the future need of the human environment. It is basically a process of developing such structures that cater the future generations and sustainable environment for them. Urban planning in Dubai is considered a branch of architecture that lets you build a city within a city with such structural forms that come together to function as a proper urban area.

There are a few aspects that architects in Dubai need to take care of when they consider urban planning. Use of land for roads and buildings alongside social and economical growth of the city also matters. There has to be technical such as electrical and water plumbing supply which needs to be taken care of. There are several different problems that a urban planning could face especially considering the fact that it is a whole new city which needs to be built from the scratch.

If we take a general look at the problems which a newly built or under construction urban town would face would be the urban sprawl in the first place. This is where the denser population starts to migrate to the rural land with lesser population. It may sound helpful in the first place but the soon place starts to become crowded and face the same problems that every other urban area is facing. What we can do to help this is by providing the option of affordable housing and once the bookings are full they should be closed instead of squeezing as much population as possible.

The next thing that most urban cities are concerned of is the fact that there might be people who may take their individual land control in their own hands and use it as a factory or a shop in a residential area where commercial space completely destroys the look and troubles others. What we can do to stop this is by putting in by laws which states that no such activity can be entertained even in a personal space that bothers others. This way people will be well aware of the consequences that await them in such cases where violation of rule is done and will think twice before taking such a drastic step.