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sun + mon, 11a - 6p

tues - sat, 11a - 9p

1102 W. 18th St.




We do not have a phone at the store,

but we are very quick to respond via email

to time sensitive questions and requests.

from the north drive your car south/southeast-ish on 90/94. note the tall buildings, you have arrived in Downtown Chicago! proceed southward, all-the-while remaining vigilant for the giant, green EXIT 52C (18th st) sign. at this point, you’ll want to lean your vehicle to the right and softly descend the exit ramp. you will reach a stoplight that dictates traffic-flow on 18th street. turn right onto 18th street. you’ll travel a scant few hundred meters until you reach a “T” intersection (and another stoplight). turn right onto halsted street – but, keep your hands on the wheel because you’re going to immediately swing left, back onto 18th street. move forward three blocks, and look to your right. voila! you have reached pilsen community books.


from the west drive your car due-east on 290 (navigational tip: to remain on an eastward course, reference the rising sun or the rising Chicago skyline). as 290 approaches the city, keep an eye out for EXIT 28A (damen ave). subtly sneak off to the right and ascend the pavement off-ramp into the beating-heart of rush medical district. the first stoplight you reach hangs above damen avenue – you’ll want to turn right onto damen. travel south, past busy-looking doctors and nurses, until you reach 18th street. turn left onto 18th street, and proceed directly to pilsen community books (it will be on your left).

from the south drive your car north on 90/94 (if you live southwest of the city, you should first drive your car on 55 - it leads to 90/94). soon after traversing the south branch of the chicago river, guide your automobile to EXIT 53A (canalport ave/cermak rd). dip down the exit ramp - descending below the city skyline into the tangle of highway trusses and concrete cross-beams – until you find the relative placidity of union avenue. bend left onto ruble street, and bend further left onto canalport avenue. follow canalport avenue under a couple of rowdy overpasses and through one stoplight until you reach a rare six-way stop. of your road-options, choose to turn right onto 21st street. accelerate down 21st street for a few blocks, then take a right on carpenter street. once you reach carpenter & 18th street, you will see our store in front of you (catty-corner from your car).


from the east drive your car due-west on 80 (or, 90. or, 94). regardless, all roads (in this case) lead to 90/94. at this point, all of our eastern travelers should reference the driving directions from the south, as outlined above. if you choose maritime travel from the east, your directions to pilsen community books will depend on where you choose to harbor your vessel.