our mission          

Our hope is that Pilsen Community Books can be more than a bookstore. In addition to selling new and used books we are here to support Pilsen's schools. The first step toward promoting literacy in our neighborhood is to provide each student with books. Every dollar that you spend directly supports this mission

In the future we want to work to provide all-encompassing literacy services for Pilsen. Eventually, we hope to be able to do the same for other neighborhoods in Chicago. As our programming can only grow in proportion to our business, we appreciate your support. 

You can support this goal by shopping, donating books, and spreading the word

      our model             

After weighing the pros and cons of a non-profit model vs. a for-profit model we decided to incorporate as an LLC. We wanted to build a self-sustaining business, one that could serve the community year after year without wholly relying on outside financial support.

We want to work hard to create a consistently profitable business so that we can invest those profits back into our community. To maximize the resources we can put back into literacy efforts, we have made it a priority to keep our overhead expenses down--with a minimal staff (& minimal paychecks!) and an affordable commercial space. In an effort to be transparent, at the end of every fiscal year we will share the total revenue used in service of our mission. In lieu of crowd-funding we ask that you consider donating or selling us your books to support this model.