selling your books             


Pilsen Community Books is happy to offer a fair price for books in good condition. We accept the widest variety of books in the city. If you have books sitting unread on your shelves, we would love to give them a new life– either on our retail shelves or on the shelves of a deserving school. We need your help to support the literature and literacy community in Chicago!

For collections under 150 books, you can stop by our book store during buying hours for a valuation.

For collections over 150 books, we offer free at-home valuation and pickup services. To qualify, we ask that you submit either a photograph of your collection or a sample of at least ten ISBNs.

We only buy books in good condition – no tears, no missing covers, no water-damage, no smoking. Here is a list of books we DO NOT buy:

        • Books with highlighting (We are selective about notes and underlining)

        • Encyclopedias

        • Magazines of any type

To ensure a fair and transparent buying process, we ONLY accept book-selling submissions via our online request form. Please fill out the request form below, and our buying department will promptly contact you to schedule a valuation appointment.