Celestial Interim

Dorothy Hobson

Parnassus Press, Brooklyn, NY | 1933

Hardcover, cloth binding. 80 pp. 4.5” x 7”. Book in good vintage condition. Front board loose but binding is tight. Pages are clean and show minor age toning. Book will be shipped promptly and with care.

"999 copies of 'Celestial Interim,' 169 of which are numbered, have been printed on a bulking book paper from Caslon type set by hand and the type has been distributed."

This copy is unnumbered but is signed by the author.

"O sweet, how wildly I have searched for you,
Ever since first I felt my sharp-prowed bark
Of death scrape lightly on the glittering blue
Crescent of heaven's edge, and scanned the arc
Of shore for sight of you, where all was stark,
Shining and empty: yet I did not fear;
I thought: 'Soon I shall find him, as a lark
Finds the great sky, and sooner will he hear
My heart's glad carol mounting to him blithe and clear."



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