Poems of the Middle West

Rachel Albright

The Torch Press, Cedar Rapids, IA | 1942

Hardcover. 69 pp. 8” x 5.5”. Second printing of 1943. Very Good condition, without dust-jacket. In green paper boards, somewhat lightly stained, with cloth spine. Paper strip pasted along spine with title, lightly soiled. Front board has small paper rectangle pasted with title and author’s name. Bottom corners slightly bumped; some scuffing to edges of boards. Boards are very slightly bowed. Pages authentic rough-cut (someone had to cut pages with paper-knife); some minor browning to edges of pages. Pages are clean and unmarked. Signed and dedicated by author in blue ink on front fly-leaf. Protected in plastic.  A very attractively-produced book; Ms. Albright was a minor Midwestern who was published in such magazines of the period like “Step Ladder” in Chicago and American Poetry Magazine.

Velvet Paws Run Lightly
When snow has counterpaned the countryside
And cedars creak beneath their icy load
A thousand trails appear; wee shadows glide
And leave their stenciled mark; a winding road
It following two jeweled eyes; soft fur
Has left its symbol on the juniper.

From frost encumbered fields bright glances dart
In fear at trails that they have left behind,
And dead leaves flutter at a frightened heart......



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