Information about nursery schools

Going to nursery school is one of the most memorable times of our lives. Even if we don’t remember much of it, the stories our parents tell about us are enough to make us cherish those moments. From crying on the first few days of school to making new friends and sharing our toys with them everything goes back to the time when we started going to the nursery schools our parents chose for us. If truth be told, going to a nursery school is the first step that a child takes into the real world. It is where we step out of the comforts of being without our parents and learn how to survive without them.

History of nursery schools


It was back in 1848 when the first preschool was initiated by Samuel Wilderspin. However, the oldest known concept is believed to be of an ancient Hindu teaching system known as a Gurukul. Ever since their initiation nurseries in JLT and Marina have continued to gain popularity and are now on of the most important part of the schooling system.

Teaching standards


A very different teaching methodology is being used at nurseries these days. Considering that it is a child’s first experience at school, the teachers practice a lot of understanding and patience. As a rule, the teachers have to take a very loving and caring approach to teaching. On the whole, their basic focus is on developing the child so that he has the ability to mold himself accordingly. The best part is that it will be at the nursery school that you choose for your child that he will make his first few friends.

A nursery school holds utmost importance for good reason. The number one reason is that it will be at your chosen British nursery in Dubai that your child will start being developed and nurtured outside his comfort zone. He will no longer be completely under your care and will learn how to interact and remain in the care of strangers. He will encounter a number of problems and will also learn how to resolve them. With time he will actually long to go to school so he can spend time with his friends.

Considering the importance of nursery schools it is vital for you to take a number of steps to make sure that you choose the best one for your child.