Types Of Licenses Offered By The Meydan Freezone

The Meydan Freezone in Dubai offers a range of licenses to cater to different business activities and requirements. These licenses provide businesses with the necessary legal framework and regulatory compliance to operate within the free zone. If you’re considering setting up a company in the Meydan Freezone, it’s important to understand the types of licenses available. In this article, we will explore the different types of Meydan freezone license.

Commercial license:

The Commercial License is suitable for businesses involved in trading activities. It allows companies to import, export, distribute, and sell goods within the Meydan Freezone and beyond. This license is ideal for trading companies that are looking to establish a presence in the vibrant business landscape of Dubai.

Service license:

The Service License is designed for businesses offering professional and consulting services. It covers a wide range of service-oriented activities, such as legal services, accounting, marketing, advertising, and IT consultancy. This license allows service providers to operate within the Meydan Freezone and offer their expertise to clients locally and internationally.

Industrial license:

The Industrial License applies to businesses engaged in manufacturing or industrial activities. It permits companies to set up production facilities, undertake manufacturing processes, and produce goods within the Meydan Freezone. This license is suitable for companies involved in industries such as food processing, textile manufacturing, electronics assembly, and more.

Holding license:

The Holding License is intended for businesses that primarily hold shares or investments in other companies. It allows companies to own and manage investments, assets, and subsidiaries. With a Holding License, businesses can benefit from the tax advantages and asset protection offered by the Meydan Freezone while effectively managing their investment portfolio.

Educational license:

The Educational License is tailored for institutions offering educational and training services. This license covers various educational activities, including schools, colleges, training centers, and vocational institutes. It enables educational institutions to establish a presence within the Meydan Freezone and provide high-quality education and training programs.

Event management license:

The Event Management License is specifically designed for businesses involved in organizing and managing events. It covers event planning, coordination, and execution services. With this license, event management companies can take advantage of the world-class facilities and infrastructure offered by the Meydan Freezone to organize successful events.